Saturday, August 19, 2017

Olivetti Ico. Black.

* Typecast via Olivetti Modelo Portatile 1, Ingegnere Camilo Olivetti (Ico). Serial #20548–1935


  1. Those red ones are really nice, but I think I'd go for any nice affordable ICO. Well done.

  2. Hi Ton! How are you? so good to see you're still posting on typewriters-- I've been thinking of you since I've been looking to acquire one and wondering how to do it, which is the best place (ebay?) etc... do you have any suggestions on what to look out for?

    1. Hi, I have not been purchasing typewriters in the last few years but your best bet is Urban Legend Typewriters. You can search it on Facebook. They sell typewriters that have been refurbished by the Typosphere's Richard Polt. Anything else on eBay is a risk unless you are willing to do some tinkering and cleaning yourself, which may be daunting for someone who has never had a typewriter. All best.